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Awei · 6月30日 · 2018年 ·



Do you want to make amazing character with advanced details ! Do you want to be professional in cinema 4d sculpting! Do you want to become movies maker. Anyone wants to be professional in cinema 4d especially in sculpting. so, I introduce this course for you to learn about cinema 4d sculpting.

Get started with:

Basics of Sculpting. ( pull, pinch, wax, smooth, knife, inflate, erase, mask, Grab, Flatten, Amplify, Fill, Repeat and Scrap )
How to use sculpting tools in your project.
Woman Tutorial, I will teach you how to sculpt { Mouth, Eye, Cap and Hair )
Ninja turtles Tutorial (Advanced), I will teach you in this tutorial how to convert cube into turtle head and then how to sculpt it to be exactly like Ninja Turtle’s head.

Don’t forget to rank and post review here to make the course available for all students in Udemy.
Who is the target audience?

Student who wants to learn how to analysis and sculpt any character or picture he saw
Student who wants to increase his skills in sculpting


Student should know basics of modeling in cinema 4d
Student should have Cinema 4d software



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