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Redshift商业产品级别渲染教程 Proteus VFX – Redshift in Production

Awei · 5月24日 · 2021年 · · ·

讲解3DS MAX中Redshift渲染器工业产品级别渲染教程(其他的三维软件比如Maya,C4D等原理都是类似共通的),比如复杂模型的制作、环境的渲染等

In this course we’ll start from basic topics and step by step we’ll goes more in depth to completely control Redshift obtaining amazing results in term of quality and speed.
Topic list covers all real world production needs, example scenes will be great projects like complex models, environments, movie inspired stuff, course is based on 3ds max but it can be useful for Maya, Cinema4D users too.



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