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Awei · 8月25日 · 2019年 ·

宇宙星云粒子Houdini教程 MaxDepth – Houdini Particles Nebula 2个小时个Houdini粒子教程,讲解粒子发射器、Point VOP、Point Wrangles、多边形来照亮粒子、星星的制作、图形渲染等 “Houdini Particles: Nebula” is an in depth training series from VFX Supervisor Timothy Hanson with 2 hours of advanced training covering major topics such as Particle Creation Particle manipulation using Point VOP’s and Point Wrangles Lighting Particles with Geometry Lights Creating Stars and using them to light the scene Render Layers, Image Planes, and Compositing of particles

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