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3DS MAX建模渲染AE合成教程(英文字幕)

Awei · 8月25日 · 2019年 ·

3DS MAX建模渲染AE合成教程(英文字幕) Lynda – 3ds Max and After Effects: Product Visualization 讲解在3DS MAX中导入一个CAD模型,进行渲染后,后期在AE进行合成的整个流程 This course illustrates a standard workflow for product viz, from importing a CAD model to rendering photorealistic imagery. It leverages the advanced tools of 3ds Max and the Arnold renderer to bring product designs to life in the production phases of scene layout, materials, lighting, and rendering. It also employs Adobe After Effects to composite and adjust render passes, giving you the ability to art-direct lighting without needing to re-render in 3D. The combination of 3ds Max and After Effects empowers artists and designers to render product visualizations with greater efficiency, flexibility, and creativity than ever before.



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