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Awei · 7月8日 · 2019年 ·

环境灯光设置技巧C4D教程 Skillshare – Professional Lighting Techniques in Cinema 4D 讲解C4D场景中基本灯光的设置,然后推进到高级灯光技巧,包括准确的物理真实灯光的设置、室内摄影棚灯光、提高阴影质量效果、全局光照和环境吸收、发光物体、HDRI、提及光、反射、焦散等多方面的知识 You will start this course by using basic light setups, then move onto more advanced techniques such as creating physically accurate lights, studio setups, improving shadow quality, working with global illumination and ambient occlusion, creating glowing objects, using HDRIs, understanding volumetric lights, reflections, caustics and more.

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