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Awei · 7月1日 · 2019年 ·

建筑可视化教程 Lynda – Substance Designer for Architectural Visualization 2019 讲解在Substance Designer中制作多种建筑相关的材质,比如地毯、地板和天花板瓷砖等,包括发现贴图,深度贴图,AO贴图的制作等 In this course, learn how to quickly create a variety of architectural materials in Allegorithmic Substance Designer, for application in design-visualization projects. Structured as a series of case studies on common material types such as carpet, vinyl flooring, and ceiling tile, this course incorporates techniques for crafting custom materials as needed for a design while staying true to the manufacturer’s intentions. Discover how to create height, normal, and ambient occlusion maps for your substances, mask pattern components to simulate custom material blending such as mixed tile, and more.



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