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Substance Painter 2018模型材质基础教程(英文字幕)

Awei · 9月29日 · 2018年 · ·


全面讲解Substance Painter 2018的基础使用教程,包括模型的导入、烘焙系统,材质的制作、图层管理、笔刷的使用等



In this course, Wes McDermott takes a beginner’s look at Substance Painter 2018, walking you through a basic project—texturing a simple game asset. He starts with the basics, showing you how to create a new project and import the model, as well as use the integrated baking system. Next, Wes shows how to work with materials and layers and provides a primer on the brush toolset and smart materials. After you finish tackling the fundamentals, Wes shows you how to fully texturize the asset, working step-by-step through the body, tires, and cabin of the example asset, a front-load tractor. He wraps up by showing you how to create portfolio renders using Iray, the integrated path-tracing renderer in Substance Painter.



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